Card Fees

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General tips on common issues

Choose Cash Back

Remove your entire card balance for free by visiting any financial institution that is a MasterCard principal member and asking for a cash advance for the balance on the card.

Avoid repeats at the ATM

If your card is rejected at an ATM, never attempt over and over again. Some ATMs impose a fee even for declined transactions.

Update Your Pin

Update your temporary PIN before use to verify you have the correct PIN. Do this by calling 877-287-2448.

Transfer Funds to Bank

Utilize the free ACH transfer service to send funds from your card to your bank account.

Prepay at gas pumps

Prepay for services, like fuel, that are dispensed from a “Pay at the Pump” terminal prior to pumping the gas or for services like a hotel room. The payment networks automatically put a hold on a certain amount of the funds available to ensure payment. This hold usually takes several hours to be removed; therefore, the cardholder cannot access his funds until this hold is remove.

Run your card as credit

Run your card as credit rather than debit to avoid potential fees.

Know Your Balance

Check your balance online or through customer service before using an ATM.

Watch Gratuity

Some merchants may authorize your card up to 25% more than the transaction to allow for gratuity, which can cause declined transactions.