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Upload Funds To RodeoPay

Monthly Inactivity Fee*$10.00

ACH Return Fee$10.00

Issue a Written Check$10.00

Place Stop Payment on Check$20.00

Account Closure/Balance by Check$10.00

RodeoPayTM Debit MasterCard® (Optional)$6.95

*After 13 months of no activity and balance in account

How Does RodeoPay Work?

WPRA Member Choices For Receiving Payment

Funds can be deposited directly into any bank account of member's choice.

Leave funds in RodeoPayTM

  1. Use debit card at ATM for cash.
  2. Use debit card anywhere MasterCardTM is accepted.
  3. Pay entry fees and/or other obligations to WPRA via link with Member Self Service.

All funds paid by check (processed by RodeoPayTM). A $10 check processing fee will be deducted from each check.

Combination of any of above.
Member determines amount to remain in RodeoPayTM. Balance to bank or as a check.


Other Features:

Members can access full report of activity on account. Can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Members have full control of account.

  1. Can change preferences for money distibution at any time.
  2. Can upload money from any bank into RodeoPayTM.

  3. Can download money left in RodeoPayTM to bank of choice at any time.
  4. Can change bank account info at any time.


Tips For Using Debit Card:

• Credit vs. Debit: Always run your card under the Credit Option at point of sale transactions.
• Gas Stations: To prevent holds, if your card balance is under $100 pay the gas station attendant inside. Your card may be subject to an authorization hold when paying at the automated pump.
• Restaurants/Bars/Salons: These merchants may authorize your card for an amount greater than the transaction (15-25%, typically) to allow for a gratuity, which can cause declined transactions.
• Hotels/Car Rentals: These merchants will place a hold on your card that can last as long as two weeks. Your funds will be unavailable for use while this authorization is pending.
• Managing Your Card: You can check your card balance, transaction history, or report your card lost or stolen online at or by calling 1-877-592-1118.
• Spending Limits: Remember your card does not offer you a line of credit. You can only spend up to your available balance.
• “Splitting” Payments: If your purchase amount is more than the amount available on your debit card, you can usually supplement with another form of payment (cash, check, or other card).
• Your Temporary card PIN is the same number as your security key/PIN in RodeoPay.

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