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How Does RodeoPay Work?

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Member Choices For Receiving Payment


- Funds can be deposited directly into any bank account of member's choice.

- Leave funds in RodeoPayTM

  1. Use debit card at ATM for cash.
  2. Use debit card anywhere MasterCardTM is accepted.
  3. Pay entry fees and/or other obligations to PRCA via link with Member Self Service.

- All funds paid by check (processed by RodeoPayTM). A $10 check processing fee will be deducted from each check.

- Combination of any of above.
Member determines amount to remain in RodeoPayTM. Balance to bank or as a check.


Other Features:


- Committees given option for RodeoPayTM to process 1099's at $3.00 per form.

- Members can access full report of activity on account. Can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

- Members have full control of account.

  1. - Can change preferences for money distibution at any time.
  2. - Can upload money from any bank into RodeoPayTM.
  3. - Can download money left in RodeoPayTM to bank of choice at any time.
  4. - Can change bank account info at any time.

- Members can pay each other through RodeoPayTM. Example: Mount money for TE horses.

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