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RodeoPayTM Deposit FeeFree

Monthly Account FeeFree

RodeoPayTM Account to Bank Account (Unlimited)Free

Account to Account (Same Owner)Free

E-mail Customer SupportFree

E-mail Payment NotificationFree

Internal Messaging SupportFree

Real Time Account StatementsFree

Live Support Call

Upload Funds To RodeoPay

Monthly Inactivity Fee*$10.00

ACH Return Fee$10.00

Issue a Written Check$10.00

Place Stop Payment on Check$20.00

Account Closure/Balance by Check$25.00

RodeoPayTM Debit MasterCard® (Optional)$6.95
Updated 6/16/15

*After 13 months of no activity and balance in account

RodeoPay Debit
Card Usage Fees

($6.95 one time fee for optional debit card)

Card Activation FeeFree

Support Calls FeeFree

PIN Change FeeFree

Cash Back Option with POS PurchaseFree

Weekly Maintenance FeeFree

Point of Sale (POS) Transactions (PIN & Signature)$0.50

POS Declines$1.00

ATM Account Inquiry Fee$1.50

Domestic ATM Fees*$2.75

ATM Decline for Non-Sufficient Funds Fee$2.75

International ATM Fees*$3.75

ATM Decline International Fee$3.75

Card to Bank Funds Transfer (ACH) Fee$10.00

Replacement of lost or stolen card $10.00

Account Closure Fee/Request for Balance by Check$10.00

Updated 6/16/15

*Fees may also be imposed by the local ATM provider in addition to card fees.


Fees To Account Holders:


- Currently no charge to PRCA members or PRCA committees.

- $6.95 one-time fee for debit card (active for 3 years).

- $10.00 charge for return ACH transaction.

- $10.00 check processing fee (see above).

- $3.00 per 1099 form (optional for committees).


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